Food will be the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Will you be ready?

Mark Winne has worked for 40 years as a community food activist, writer, and trainer. From organizing breakfast programs for low-income children in Maine to developing innovative national food policies in Washington, DC, Winne has dedicated his professional life and writing to enabling people to find solutions to their own food problems as well as those that face their communities and the world.

Let him put his experience to work for you.

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Kitchen Demolition

At some point in 2014 a momentous food event occurred. Unheralded by clanging church bells, it nevertheless signaled a pronounced shift in our eating behavior and a realignment of our culture’s tectonic plates. Precisely when and where no one knows for sure, but Americans started spending more of their total annual food dollars away from […]

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Fall Appearances and Other News

  Crispy days and cool nights, the heady aroma of roasting chile peppers, and the whiff of magic markers and double-sided sticky tape must mean that the fall workshop season is upon us. As you can see below I’ll be journeying to the South, the West, and my former homes of Hartford and New Jersey. […]

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Food Policy Amnesia

“I am quite sure that people only have the kind of government that their bellies crave.” From Paterson by William Carlos Williams “Florida Lawns Are Being Transformed into Edible Farms,” gushed the Huffington Post (June 1, 2016) story about how a dozen Orlando, Florida homes had converted their manicured yards into tidy vegetable patches. Highlighted […]

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Roadkill Stew, Bad-ass Cabbage, and the Midnight Sun – Lessons from Alaska

The Alaska Airlines flight dips over Cook Inlet on its approach into Anchorage. The sunlight is reflecting off of distant glaciers and the cupcake glaze of snow-topped islands. My watch tells me it’s 10:30 p.m. but the midnight sun is as bright as a summer noon in New Mexico. It’s easy this time of year to be […]

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