Food will be the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Will you be ready?

Mark Winne has worked for 40 years as a community food activist, writer, and trainer. From organizing breakfast programs for low-income children in Maine to developing innovative national food policies in Washington, DC, Winne has dedicated his professional life and writing to enabling people to find solutions to their own food problems as well as those that face their communities and the world.

Let him put his experience to work for you.

Mark Winne’s latest book “Stand Together or Starve Alone” is now available!


If Only He Asked Me – Thoughts on a New Way for USDA

By Mark Winne How ironic that we must even ask our national policy makers to make the nutritional health and well-being of their people the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s first priority. But due to the sheer weight of the marketplace and poor government policies, local and regional food systems of the early 20th century yielded to highly […]

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To View, To Eat, Per Chance to Not

By Mark Winne November has always been a confusing month for me. Traditionally, it is the time when we Americans give thanks to a mixed bag of things from the bounty of the autumnal harvest to the blessings of that new flat-screen TV that now adorns the living room wall. It’s also the time of […]

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November and December ’08 Appearances

November 6 – Phoenix, Arizona – Maricopa County Extension Office (434 E. Broadway); Keynote address, 9:30 a.m. For more information contact Cindy Gentry at 602-493-5231 November 11 – Norman, Oklahoma – University of Oklahoma, 7:30 p.m; Public talk. For more information contact Julia Ehrhardt at 405-325-5258. November 13 – Albuquerque, New Mexico – Albuquerque Journal auditorium, 7:00 […]

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Factory Farms, Dirty Water, and the Bible

The following article was first written by me in 2006 for publication in the Sierra Club magazine “Sierra.” Though accepted in a revised form by the editors for publication, they chose not to run the piece for some reason that they were never able to explain to me. Though over two years have passed since I researched this story, […]

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