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Winter/Spring Appearances – 2013

January 30 – Albuquerque, NM – KiMo Theater – Panel for screening of “Soul Food Junkies.”

February 6 – Evansville, Indiana – Keynote address and panel discussion for local food forum. For more more information contact Erin Slevin at

February 11 – Webinar originating from Ontario, Canada – 1:30 eastern time – Mark Winne giving webinar on food policy councils. For more information contact Kendal Donohue at

February 14 – Baltimore, Maryland – Johns Hopkins School of Public Health – discussion on the future of food policy councils

March 1 and 2 – Oxford, Mississippi – University of Mississippi – Keynote address at regional food forum, book talk at local bookstore. More more information contact Jody Holland at

March 8 – Medford, Oregon. Keynote address for regional food forum. For more information contact Hannah Ancel at

April 16 – New York City – 8:30 -10:00 AM – Hunter College. Presentation: “The Future of Food Planning NYC 2014 and Beyond.” For more information contact Jessica Wurwarg at

May 7 – Cardiff, Wales – University of Cardiff – university lecture at 5:30 PM. For more information contact Kevin Morgan at

May 9 – Newcastle, England – workshop on food policy councils. For more information contact Alan Hunt at

May 28 – Seattle, Washington – Training session for the Washington State Food System Roundtable.

June 8 – Austin, Texas – Cooperative Management Association Annual Conference – Keynote address. For more information contact Ann Hoyt at

June 12 – San Antonio, Texas – local food forum. Workshop presentation. For more information contact Leslie Provence at


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