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Return to Sender, Address Unknown

Don’t try mailing anything to USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) after September 30th. There won’t be anybody at the Washington, DC-based agency to open the mail. In fact, there may not be a forwarding address either since NIFA, which conducts critical scientific research and manages dozens of important grant programs, still doesn’t […]

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So You Want to Change the World? Go Home!

About a year and a half ago, my son, Peter, told me he was leaving Brooklyn to move back to Hartford, Connecticut where he was born and raised. Having lived in New York for a while and recently completed a graduate degree at N.Y.U., he had soaked up enough of the Big Apple vibe to […]

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Doing Food Summits Right

“Let’s do a food summit!” proclaimed the food policy council member, whose moving motion was immediately seconded and thirded by the council’s other members. “We can invite everybody!” suggested one member. “Michelle Obama can be our keynote!” chimed in another. “I can do a workshop on hemp production,” offered a fourth. And, so it went […]

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Food Democracy’s Long, Hard Slog

          I swear to the Lord, I still can’t see, why Democracy means, everybody but me.                    – Langston Hughes The walk on this sunny winter day from the Lexington and 125th Street subway station took me several blocks down Harlem’s main drag. […]

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Warren Steals Winne’s Idea, But It’s Okay…

Last week Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts proposed a wealth tax on America’s 75,000 richest people. Not a higher income tax rate, but a tax on an individual’s fixed assets over $50 million – stuff like stocks, precious gems, and fancy baseball card collections. I said to myself, “What a cool idea!” but I could […]

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Stand Together or Starve Alone Goes Rogue!

Stand Together or Starve Alone is now available for $30 direct from the author (learn more about the book at Act now because this offer decomposes at midnight December 31, 2018. See below for details and reasoning: We’re breaking the rules To celebrate the yules; No cards, no banks, No gimmicks, no thanks!   […]

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Taking Care of Our Own

                                                   Wherever this flag is flown…we take care of our own.                                         […]

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Welcome to the Era of the Lockdown

In the early 1950s, Mr. and Mrs. Winne moved themselves and their two young boys to the north Jersey town of Ridgewood, located just 20 miles west of New York City. Besides being within easy commuting distance of Manhattan’s corporate headquarters where Mr. Winne, the up-and-coming executive would work, my parents chose Ridgewood for the […]

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Fifty Years Before The Mast

It hit me the other day like a ton of turnips that September marks the 50th year of my doing something.  Doing what? Well, anything that really matters, I guess. Fifty years ago, I was 18, and during those early years I wasn’t much more than a tub of self-absorbed protoplasm brought to an occasional […]

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Stand Together for Community Food Projects

Want to encourage people to eat healthier? Don’t do one thing, do many things – new supermarkets, food education, calorie labeling. Want to make a community healthier and more food secure?  The use of multiple interventions also applies.  Bring together the food system’s stakeholders, engage the community, make a plan that involves multiple approaches, and […]

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