Film reviews are generally not my strong suit. I either like the characters, actors, and actresses or I don’t. If the narrative doesn’t engage and ultimately take me to a better place – enlightenment, excitement, ecstasy – I’ll just grumble for a while and go find a good book.

I have to put documentary food films in the same category. Like food books, there are way too many food films, many of which I willingly and unwillingly have sat through because I’ve become an obedient slave to the notion that pictures are the only way to get people to act or eat differently. Unfortunately, like many books out there, too many food flicks just don’t satisfy my hunger for wisdom, insight, or entertainment. That is until I saw “Food Stamped,” a tale of the charming Potash husband/wife filmmaking couple who turn the camera on themselves while taking on the challenge of eating healthfully and locally on a food stamp budget. They are funny, self-deprecating, and delightfully human in the way they stroll through the supermarket aisle, past farmers’ market stands, and stand shoulder to shoulder in their own kitchen trying to make it all work.

So before this blog turns into a film review, let me urge you to give “Food Stamped” a chance. I think it will help you end up in a better place. Enjoy!

NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD! FOOD STAMPED is a first-person documentary on the challenge of eating healthy on a food stamp budget. Called ENTERTAINING, EDUCATIONAL, and INSPIRING by the San Francisco Chronicle, the film won the Grand Jury Prize at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, has been featured on CNN Money, and was a recommended film for the first annual Food Day. Order your DVD today!