I’m happy to report that I am out and about this year with several trainings, speaking engagements, and book promotion events. But before I share a quick a run down of where, what, and when, let me first say that there are still copies of my new book Stand Together or Starve Alone available for purchase at the 20% discount level. Go to the site: https://www.abc-clio.com/ABC-CLIOCorporate/SearchResults.aspx?type=a. Then go to checkout and enter the discount code Q11820. Remember, this discount ends on March 31. I’ve also beefed up my Linked-in, Facebook, and Twitter presence, so check me out at linkedin.com/in/mark-winne-5829295, www.facebook.com/markwinne, markwinne@MarkWinneFood.

Now for the fun stuff:

Laredo, Texas – January 23 & 24: I had the pleasure of spending two great days with over 150 fine food people and the Department of Health in the border town of Laredo. Two food policy council workshops and a community talk brought stakeholders together to plan for a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Santa Fe, New Mexico – February 13: I appeared on the KTRC’s Richard Eads show to promote Stand Together. Listen to the podcast here: https://santafe.com/ktrc/podcasts/mark-winne-author-of-stand-together-or-starve-alone-and-member-of-santa-fe.

Bridgeport, Connecticut – March 1: I got some radio airtime with some old Connecticut food friends on WPKN Bridgeport, Connecticut.

March 8 – 10 AM EST – Public Radio Network. I will interview live with Bhavani Jaroff on the Progressive Radio Network (PRN). For more information on how to tune in and find podcasts, go to: http://www.ieatgreen.com/events/radio-show/

Baltimore, Maryland –  March 8 at 12:00 noon. I will give a book talk from Stand Together or Starve Alone that will include a panel of students and staff from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. The location is the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Room W5008, 615 N. Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD. A book signing will follow, and rumor has it that the incredibly awesome “Stand Together or Starve Alone” bumper stickers will be available for free!

Albuquerque, New Mexico – March 27 – National Good Food Network Conference. I will be conducting a half-day short course at the NGFN conference. The course will examine the connection between food policy councils and food hubs. For more information: https://www.winrock.org/ms/national-good-food-network-conference/.

Hempstead, New York – April 19 from 8:30 to 12:30. I will give a keynote address to a food conference sponsored by the Long Island Food Coalition, the North Shore Land Alliance, and Hofstra University. For more information contact Annetta Centrella-Vitale at Annetta.Centrellavitale@Hofstra.edu.

Cincinnati, Ohio – April 27 – National Farm to Cafeteria Conference. Along with my Center for a Livable Future colleague, Raychel Santos, I will be doing a half-day short course on the relationship between food policy councils and farm to school/cafeteria. For more information go to www.farmtoschool.org.

Orlando, Florida – June 22 and 23 – Florida Food Policy Council Annual Meeting. I will be giving a keynote address. For more information contact Rachel Shapiro at rachel@integroushealthsolutions.com.

Stay tuned for visits to Georgia in early May, Youngstown, Ohio in late April, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania this Spring.