Stand Together or Starve Alone is now available for $30 direct from the author (learn more about the book at Act now because this offer decomposes at midnight December 31, 2018. See below for details and reasoning:

We’re breaking the rules

To celebrate the yules;

No cards, no banks,

No gimmicks, no thanks!


Straight from the source,

Winne a Gift Horse?

At $30 a book, with shipping

To boot!

He must be a kook!


Amazon, Paypal, ABC-CLIO,

Nothing you do is ever for real.


Your deals are lame,

They put you to shame

$46 a book!

You gotta be some kind of crook.


Chuck the Zuck,

Bye-bye Bezos,

Say, “WTF!”

Tempt the Cosmos!


No chip readers,

No lost leaders,

We’re going direct!

Say, “what the heck!”

Send me a check;

Who needs Fedex!


Just leave it to me

And Santa’s helpers,

The U.S.P.S.

And all us self-helpers.


No muss, no fuss,

No Elon Musk.

Without the trust,

It’s all a bust!


From the highest Steeple

Straight to the People!

Winne’s off his tether,

Buy Stand Together!

To order and receive your signed copy of Stand Together or Starve Alone, send a check for $30.00 per book made out to “Mark Winne.” Mailing address: 15 Cerrado Loop, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508.

To receive by Christmas, your order must arrive by December 15. To receive at all, orders must be received by midnight on December 31. Please specify the name of the person to whom the book should be signed. Remember, a signed copy is immediately worth 10 cents more than you paid for it! And because I feel sorry for the shabby way our President treats Canada, it’s the same price (including shipping) for Canadians.

PS All purchasers are automatically entitled to the must-have bumper sticker of the year: “Stand Together or Starve Alone” made of structural paper and capable of securing sagging bumpers to rusty vehicles.