Dear Reader,

Over the course of – a blog that I have been posting for nearly five years – I have been happy to share with you my views, experiences, and insights concerning both the trials and beauties of our food system. This time, however, I’m asking you to share something with me, namely, your views, experiences and insights concerning the food movement that most of you belong to in one way or another. To that end I would kindly request that you indulge me for a few moments by taking a short survey. The results will be used for my upcoming book on the food movement which will be published by Praeger Press. When? The sooner you return the survey, the sooner the book will be released! To that end, please complete and return the survey by December 18.

I am being assisted with this endeavor by my son, Peter, whose on-going graduate school education is being diligently applied to this project. To the best of my knowledge, he has no desire to make this blog a father and son operation – he’ll get the course credit for designing and implementing the survey, I will get a wealth of information for my book, and you, dear reader, will hopefully get some useful guidance on how to strengthen our food movement.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!

To get started please follow this link:

With Gratitude,

Mark and Peter Winne