February 23, 2016 – Columbus, Ohio. Talks at Ohio State University for students, faculty, and community members. For more information contact Matthew Wriley Porter at matthewwrileyporter@gmail.com.

February 26 – Columbia, Missouri. Talks and trainings at the University of Missouri. For more information contact Anne Cafer at amchz9@mail.missouri.edu.

March 9 – Boston, Massachusetts. Speaking to the annual conference of Cradles to Crayons. For more information contact Kylee North at kylee@cradlestocrayons.org.

March 10 – Boston, Massachusetts. Speaking to the Board and Supporter of Project Bread (private event).

April 1 to 3 – Fort Myers, Florida. Speaking to Florida Small Farms Conference and the Florida Food Policy Council. For more information contact Robert Kluson at rkluson@scgov.net.

April 12 to 14 – Pearlstone Center (near Baltimore, MD) – Co-leading the Second Food Policy Leadership Training Institute “Food System Change from the Ground Up.” This is a two-day, on-site training open to food policy councils and coalitions based in the Chesapeake Bay Region. The training will be conducted by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. For more information contact Karen Banks at kbanks10@jhu.edu.